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Family of Alfred Henry Bellinger and Sarah Marie Carn

Husband: Alfred Henry Bellinger
Born: 29 MAR 1861 at: Died: 16 MAY 1941 at: Deloraine Married: 15 AUG 1882 at: Glamorgan Father: William Bellinger Mother: Mary Shaw Other Partners:
Wife: Sarah Marie Carn
Born: 28 APR 1858 at: Glamorgan Died: 17 JAN 1934 at: Westbury Father: John Carn Mother: Jane Williams Other Partners:
Name: John Henry Bellinger
Born: 1 MAY 1883 at: Lisdillon Died: 15 SEP 1952 at: Partners: Ivy Ellen Creedon
Name: Alfred William Bellinger
Born: 14 OCT 1884 at: Died: 6 SEP 1893 at: Ormley Partners:
Name: Percival Thomas (Percy) Bellinger
Born: 17 APR 1886 at: Hobart Died: 7 JUN 1917 at: Ypres, Belgium Partners:
Name: Ethel Mildred Bellinger
Born: 30 DEC 1887 at: Lisdillon Died: DEC 1900 at: Fingal Partners:
Name: Thomas Edney Bellinger
Born: 16 OCT 1889 at: Lisdillon Died: 12 JUL 1987 at: Westbury Partners: Florence Ivy Gillam
Name: Grace Maud Bellinger
Born: 10 JUN 1890 at: Lisdillon Died: 11 MAR 1960 at: Fingal Partners: Leslie Joseph Rowlings
Name: Alice Maria Jane Bellinger
Born: 7 JUL 1892 at: Lisdillon Died: 10 SEP 1976 at: Fingal Partners: Michael Ambrose Street
Name: Charles Clarence Bellinger
Born: 21 DEC 1895 at: Ormley Died: 30 MAR 1951 at: Partners: Jessie Evelyn Bunton
Name: Elsie May Bellinger
Born: 1 JUL 1894 at: Ormley Died: 13 JUN 1977 at: St Marys Partners: Leslie Joseph Street
Name: Leslie Hilton Bellinger
Born: 6 JUN 1898 at: Ormley Died: 29 DEC 1894 at: Partners: Gertrude Alice Wadley
Name: Amy Olive (Ollie) Bellinger
Born: 6 JUN 1898 at: Ormley Died: 28 OCT 1995 at: Westbury Partners: Hector Scott
Name: Clarice Lillian Bellinger
Born: 14 JAN 1902 at: Ormley Died: 24 JAN 1999 at: Latrobe Partners: Reginald Arthur Smith
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