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Family of Edward Barwick and Elizabeth Jarman

Husband: Edward Barwick
Born: 1807 at: Kent, England Died: 8 JUL 1859 at: Antill Ponds, Tasmania Married: ? ??? ???? at: Father: Joseph Barwick Mother: Anne Graves Other Partners:
Wife: Elizabeth Jarman
Born: 27 FEB 1810 at: Greenwich Kent Died: 29 JUN 1869 at: Oatlands Father: Robert Jarman Mother: Elizabeth Risby Other Partners:
Name: Jane Barwick
Born: 1829 at: Great Mongeham, Kent Died: 20 JAN 1852 at: Antill Ponds Partners:
Name: Joseph Barwick
Born: CIRCA 1832 at: Great Mongeham Died: 20 OCT 1903 at: "Woodlands" Tea Tree Partners: Martha Elizabeth Oakley
Name: Eliza Barwick
Born: C. 1833 at: Died: 6 NOV 1836 at: At Sea Partners:
Name: Maria Barwick
Born: C. 1835 at: Died: 17 JAN 1836 at: Kent Partners:
Name: Edward William Metcalfe Barwick
Born: 9 DEC 1836 at: At Sea Died: 21 MAR 1895 at: Colebrook Partners: Sarah Ann Harriett Oakley
Name: Eliza Barwick
Born: 10 MAY 1839 at: Tasmania Died: 12 JUL 1914 at: Launceston, Tasmania Partners: Richard Fleming
Name: Thomas Barwick
Born: JUNE 1841 at: Oatlands Died: 5 DEC 1842 at: Oatlands Partners:
Name: Elizabeth Ann Barwick
Born: 6 APR 1843 at: Oatlands Died: 26 AUG 1922 at: Nicholls Rivulet Partners: Frederick John Wass
Name: John William Barwick
Born: 3 FEB 1845 at: Died: 28 DEC 1929 at: Hobart Partners: Elizabeth Sturgeon
Name: Thomas Barwick
Born: C. 1847 at: Died: 27 MAR 1917 at: Glenorchy Partners: Mary Ann Sturgeon
Name: Alfred Barwick
Born: 28 SEP 1848 at: Died: 2 AUG 1894 at: Bridgewater Partners: Margaret Theresa Cashman
Name: Francis Amelia Barwick
Born: 18 JUN 1850 at: Oatlands Died: 3 FEB 1924 at: Partners: Thomas Graves Barwick
Name: Arthur Frederick Barwick
Born: 1 JAN 1855 at: Oatlands Died: 26 SEP 1927 at: Oatlands Partners: Mary Ann Barwick
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